How do you change the string on a dewalt 60v trimmer

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Instruction Manual. Taille-bordure au lithium-ion de 60 V max. If you have questions or comments, contact us. Pour toute question ou tout commentaire, nous contacter. Page 3 English Definitions: Safety Alert Symbols and Words This instruction manual uses the following safety alert symbols and words to alert you to hazardous situations and your risk of personal injury or property damage. NOTE: Do not store the battery packs in a appliance symbols. Never tape the V The smaller the gauge number of the wire, the greater the capacity An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage plugged into the power supply, the charger can resulting in loss of power and overheating.

When using be shorted by foreign material. Page 8: Electronic Protection System English throughout the entire charging cycle and will not return to c.

DeWalt FlexVolt String Trimmer Review

Move the charger and battery pack to a location maximum charge rate even if the battery pack warms. Such 1. To turn the appliance off, line. Page Register Online English Push the spool into the spool housing and turn counterclockwise to lock the spool in place. Three Year Limited Warranty WALT will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover part failure due to normal wear or appliance abuse.

For further detail of warranty coverage and warranty repair information, visit www. Page Description Fig. Puis resserrez les boulons. M fig. P fig. No la entrecruce figura L. Cuando la cuerda de corte enrollada llegue al pulgadas. El voltaje nominal es de Print page 1 Print document 41 pages.

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Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?For a commercial-duty 4 stroke trimmer, we recommend the Makita EMLHNwhich is also a dedicated 4 stroke trimmer, though it will also accept brush cutter blade attachments. Buy Toro Use common sense. Then slowly pull the string while keeping The most important part of this is getting the string on the correct side of the peg, and here is how to do it. Look for. Turn off the lawn trimmer or remove the connection to make sure there is no power running through it.

They are also curvy, which we don't mind, but it is bothersome to some. Detached from the pole, they are comfortable handheld tools. If you want to change the anvil on your Dewalt DCF impact wrench to swap to pin detent or hog ring, or just for maintenance or repair it is easy.

Chainsaw, Blower, 8 in. How to Change the String on a Lawn Trimmer. The spool has a split design which reduces tangling and line welding, and has arrows to show the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork and has two key slots to lock the.

Here is a new and improved how-to for Re-spooling your Dewalt String Trimmer with new string. Dewalt Saws Answered on Oct 09, The spool has two.

For tougher landscaping and trimming jobs, you need a thicker string line. Sprint and Print functions work in a similar fashion. Figuring out how to reload the string was very frustrating at first. Many times, when it comes to power tools, changing the blade isn't easy and that is why this jig saw surprised us - when it comes time to change the blades, it can be done without having to hassle with it. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep Available voltage is typically either 20, 40, or 80 volts on a weed wacker—and higher numbers denote a machine with the potential to tackle heavier-duty jobs more effectively.

The edging wheel means it can work as a trimmer and an edger, and it is well built, so will last you some time. The trimmer is a four-cycle engine that is gas powered which doesn't really depend on gas or oil mixing technique.

The most expensive is the Hitachi String Trimmer. String Trimmers. A couple lengths of line are included, but any trimmer line of the same size will work. Both packs probably have 15 of the same cells inside, providing the same power, but DeWalt sounds way better.

Electronic brake - Stops the blade after the trigger is released. This article covers parts of a string trimmer, highlights common features, and explains the difference between cordless and corded string trimmers. This machine retails for under.

String Trimmer. I would put it down to a faulty armature. There is a wide range of complementary Accessories and Parts available for your string trimmer.ToolsDiary is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more Whilst this job should be a relatively easy one, sometimes it can become really fiddly and get people stressed, especially when different brands have different ways of installing!

One of the most difficult parts of the entire installation can often be removing the head of the trimmer once you have run out of line.

With Dewalt models, they all have the same method of removing the head. Firstly, make sure that the battery is out of the unit and there is no power being fed to it at all.

Once you have done that look for and find the white indicator knob, if you can see this, it means that the head is locked into position. This will then free up the head ready for you to pull it out of its cradle. Do this by holding onto the top of the head, and pulling sharply up. You want to make sure that you are moving the head directly up from the rest of the trimmer or you could potentially damage the entire unit and the lock in mechanism.

You have now freed the trimmer head. Some Dewalt models vary what you have to do at the beginning, but the principle after this point is the same.

Push through approximately 2 to 3 foot of line and then centre it.

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Once you have done this, place your open hand on the head, close your fingers around it and turn in the direction the arrows say to it. To load this trimmer, you may well require a flat head screwdriverjust to make your life a little easier when you are loading the second compartment. Make sure you have two foot lines ready to go and then you can start winding. You want to wind the line that is farthest away from the top of the head first, look at the arrows in the trench and they will show you which direction you need to wind the line in.

When you have about 6 inches of the line left, pop it in to a holding groove which is in the middle of the two line compartments, you can now start winding the second line.

DeWalt DCST920 Instruction Manual

Take note of which way you will be winding the line by looking at the arrows on the head and then pop the line into the hole. Slowly wind the first rotation, take out the screw driver and then complete the steps as above, keeping it neat and in layers.

One you have 6 inches left, pop the left over in the retaining slot. You are now ready to load the head! One of the most difficult processes when it comes to loading the trimmer line of your Dewalt is actually getting the head off in the first place. If you are unsure of what you are doing, look at the head, they will have guiding markers on such as what way you turn it and when it is unlocked.

Once you have got the head out, the rest is relatively simple. Again, keep examining the head so you know which way to wind the trimmer line and keep it neat and tidy as this will stop you having issues later on.

Then simply pop the head back in and you are good to go! Follow our simple installation guide and we will have you back trimming your weeds and grass in no time, regardless of what model Dewalt you have. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Step By Step Guides. Removing The Head One of the most difficult parts of the entire installation can often be removing the head of the trimmer once you have run out of line. Final Thoughts One of the most difficult processes when it comes to loading the trimmer line of your Dewalt is actually getting the head off in the first place.

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Relevant Resources:.I un-fondly muse of yanking four score and seven million times on the starter cord of a gas string trimmer that sat idle for the winter. A breathless carb gummed by gooey regret led to a breathless me with phooey regret. For me, it was time to go electric.

I bought a corded electric trimmer; it was weak and required long extension cords. But then the clouds parted, the angels sang and we received this DeWalt 60V Max FlexVolt string trimmer, a pro quality unit that drains the gas and cuts the cord.

DeWalt 60V Max FlexVolt Cordless String Trimmer – Pass On The Gas

Can you hear the harps? You may think electric yard tools are a joke. Been there — scoffed at that. But cordless power tools continue to become more and more capable. And that includes battery powered landscaping tools, which now compete in a very real way with their gas sipping counterparts.

There are even respectable battery-powered lawn mowerssomething we all would have chuckled at once upon a time. The FlexVolt string trimmer has a 2-speed variable trigger with safety lockout. Low speed does perfectly well in most cases and maximizes battery run time as does the efficient brushless motor. Reloading the line spool is quick and easy. No matter what I did, it never felt like the trimmer struggled to keep up. Even as I trimmed heavy wiry weeds or thick stands of crabgrass along a chain link fence.

The guard, however, is a bit on the small side and some debris does get past it. But you should be doing that anyway, with any string trimmer. We found the unit to be well balanced and comfortable to hold.

But over time, it does get a little heavy. Nor do you have to run long tangles of extension cords. Just pop in a battery and immediately get to work. Trim line replacement procedure: More Info - via DeWalt.

Steve made his first woodworking project at age 9 in and whittled his first wooden chain at He was also a consumer electronics repair tech and shop owner for a little over 20 years, until his impending obsolescence became impossible to ignore. Since then, Steve has focused passionately on manipulating his wood Don't judge him. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Share this awesomeness! Facebook Pinterest Twitter.

Leave a comment - we'd love to hear from you! Cancel reply.By ericsmoldtMay 14, in Outdoor Power Equipment. I have attached some photos of the head, as it is slightly different than the one I see online a lot.

The head unit will make full rotation without any trouble. This trimmer is less than a year old and has not been heavily used. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me. They all looked different! Mine looks just like yours. I did figure out a way to load it: Align all the holes.

You should see all the way through the head. Stick a three foot piece of string through the hole and center it. Rotate the head so the head retracts the string.

Leave just a couple inches out. Start the trimmer and bump the head. If it works as it should, you have wound it correctly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I am currently playing with the same problem on a recently acquired DCST 60v. Now I need to figure out if I may be misthreading the cutting line through a separate, 1.

I have owned quite a few weed wackers in my day. The engineer should not even be allowed to go to his desk to retrieve his things. He should be thrown out the door into the alley beside the building.

A small screwdriver or Allen wrench in that hole will lock the driver in place and allow you to turn the string drum to wind it up. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.The DeWalt 60V Max Chainsaw is equipped with a brushless motor, a low kickback inch Oregon bar and chain with auto-oiling, and a tool-free tensioning system for quick bar and chain adjustments.

All DeWalt Outdoor Power Equipment comes standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and day money back satisfaction guarantee. Will the line expand? That remains to be seen. A liberty-loving, sensible, God-fearing options trader by day Adam Spafford is known for his quick wit, easygoing demeanor, and readiness to lend a hand when called upon.

At some point I would like to see a side by side comparison between them.

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I have the 20v Max OPE lineup and have found it to meet my needs so far. I hope to buy one of the DeWalt string trimmers this spring.

My suspicion is that the downside to the max version will be run time, though tool line battery compatibility is a major upside. Menu Skip to content. Shop Acme Tools. Want more? Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week!

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Accept Reject. Necessary Necessary. Would love your thoughts, please comment.DeWalt confirms that their 40V platform is their focus for commercial landscaping and lawn care crews. They also tell us that FlexVolt is their homeowner line — but think Prosumer with some land to care for rather than the average DIYer.

Still, there are some real benefits here. The tool itself is long, standing about as tall as me at 74 inches. To help balance out the weight of the 60V, 3. This offers a more direct connection to the spool rather than losing energy by turning a long rod inside the shaft.

One nice touch is a protective foot below the battery housing. Like we see on the blower, it allows you to set the trimmer on the ground without setting the battery and wiring in the dirt and cuttings. But when you put your trigger hand on the grip, it becomes a very neutral balance that I find easy to work with. The trigger handle offers a secure grip. The trigger mechanism requires you to push down to defeat the safety before pulling up on the trigger.

Of the string trimmer trigger safeties currently out there, this is the one I prefer thanks to the ease of operation. The guide handle is a standard D-shape that gives you plenty of gripping options if you want to turn it to edge. The trimmer weighs in at 12 pounds.

Like most string trimmers in this class, there are two speeds available. You can legitimately do the majority of your trimming in low without compromise and turn to high for only the high, thick stuff. In both speeds, I was pleased to find very little vibration.

This was an issue our Pros noted on the 40V Max model during our string trimmer shootout. With neutral balance, little vibration, and plenty of power for grass cutting, trimming has been a breeze. Prespooled with square 0. If 15 inches is too much for some reason, you can flip the cutter around and bring it closer to 13 inches. The cutting guard is a bit small for my liking. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of rotation to push the grass away from you.

As it stands, I really enjoy using it — I just need to wear jeans or work pants rather than shorts.

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